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You Need To See This Skillz Bubble Shooter Gameplay

You Need To See This Skillz Bubble Shooter Gameplay Hey guys, its Mikey Slice here, I got a replay over 200, 000 On the scoreboard. Im gonna show you that replay and break it down first Im just gonna run through it let you see it and Then Im gonna go through and tell you exactly what I did, and how I did it All right, so as you can see we scored over two hundred thousand two hundred fourteen thousand to be exact and What we did that youre probably not doing is Paying attention to the next bubble thats coming out and Shooting in the center And clearing out as many colors as you can Your ultimate goal is to get down to two colors. Thats the goal one hundred percent so we start off the game and As you can see there wasnt very many matching bubbles off the start, so you got to throw those bubbles towards bubbles that are single by themselves and Make sure theres two of them so that when the third one comes out you can pop them. If you can shoot directly You can shoot directly through two bubbles without an issue because they kind of bounce off of each other and go through Like you can see with these off-the-wall shots that Im pulling off Like that shot right there.

How we went Through three different bubbles straight up the gut You know thats thats some important stuff right there. You just really got to get a feel for how you can shoot these bubbles because Obviously accuracy is a big part of this game Notice how I havent shot anything over on this left side Ive been working all on the right side thats because I see that all those orange Well yellow orange ish Bubbles on the left are connected and once I get a orange bubble I could just pop it over there Now this part of the game right here when you get down to three rows of bubbles But you have all the colors still its super important to pay attention to what bubbles arent able to be shot at So right here we notice that Every color can be shot at right? But later on when that light blue bubble up at the top right IS the only light blue bubble left you have to focus on trying to get rid of that purple bubble or the Orange bubble.

So that when you do get a light blue, bubble you can put it over there and then Eventually clear it off the board But this is where I see a lot of beginners make the mistake of not making sure that all the colors can be shot at. Okay, so it was giving me trouble on pausing it right there, but Towards that last little bit you really have to focus on what color bubbles coming up next because if you dont… Youre gonna clear out a color, but that same color is gonna be in the chamber. So you didnt actually clear the bubble. So you really have to focus on getting…

That bubble out of the way and making sure that you have both colors Cleared because…. You want to do like I did and throw off and then connect the bubbles… Now this is the most important part of the game… the two color game. So notice that I didnt try to clear them, I just Shot em, missed, and dopped the board down. Now that I have five bubbles to miss now Im gonna clear the board down to less than five rows of bubbles Once I have five or less rows now I can start shooting off again, and then Im gonna shoot off again…

And then Im gonna get to five colors to be able to miss again. And repeat the process And the reason I say five or less bubbles… Rows of bubbles is because theres 15 rows of bubbles that fit on this screen. When you have two colors left five rows of bubbles fall down So you can fit up to 15 rows of bubbles before the board goes too far and you lose the game. And I not had a green bubble lined up…

I would have lost the game. Well not lost it, but that would have… If that was a blue bubble in my chamber instead of a green one I Would have been forced to clear the board and double my score with more than a minute left on the clock So always be conscious of what your next level is because if youre not… This situation, its gonna arise and youre gonna end up screwing yourself so… Always make sure youre conscious of your nice bubble.

I cant stress that enough Clearing the board… Even though I still have more than a minute left That reason is because whenever you have five bubbles to miss you always want to clear the board down to five or less rows of bubbles Because if you dont… you will get in a situation where you get too many bubbles of the same color and the board comes down on you and its the worst. So when you have a chance… Or when you have five chances to miss. You want to clear the board down to five or less rows and then throw off twice two sets in a row and then clear the board down to five or less.

And then… Ill go over some more in a second And I could have shot off… I would have not shot off, and I would have tried to clear the board Since I had more than 40 seconds left on the clock… I know that I have enough time to be able to clear the board down to one color drop the board down Shoot and end the game before two seconds are up Thats why I dropped the board one more time, but you never want to drop the board intentionally…. With less than 40 seconds on the clock There you have it, theres the Bubble Shooter tips and tricks, I hope you enjoyed the article dont forget to subscribe and like and follow the links in the description for how to follow me and Get more notifications Andor more advice on how to be a better Skillz player.

Thanks for watching!!!

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