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I Mastered The HQ Trivia App

So, there is this app thats a trivia game called HQ. Im sure you guys have played it. Everyones talking about it.

I actually havent played it yet. But someone just told me that you can win money playing HQ. I like money, so I thought, you know what?

Im gonna download, but Im not just gonna try it. Im gonna win it, but Im not just gonna win it. Im gonna master it, but Im not just gonna master. Yeah, the joke was over about a minute ago. Lets go play some HQ. intense music All right, so I just downloaded HQ.

Im actually pretty nervous. I really hope that this article is just like one minute long. Its my into and then just me mastering it immediately. This is weird.

The app is very like old school. And theres just comments nonstop. Scott, Scotty, Scott.

So, I have three minutes til the game starts. And I guess Ill just take this time to kind of prepare, a little training. Two plus two equals four.

Finish this sentence, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. List the presidents in order. George Washington. gentle music All right, the game started. 720, 000 people playing.

I can beat 720, 000 people easy. – $2, 000! Question one, which of these creatures is most likely to bark? Mime, did you bark up the right tree, and pick dog? Which of these things is not found inside an atom?

Proton, wonton? The answer is wonton. Which of these is not the title of a current TV show?

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, or Chicago Police? Chicago Police. – No! Chicago PD, thats a show. PD means police, right? gentle music Im so upset, I could have easily won. Let me see. – Who was not a wife of Henry VIII?

Catherine Parr? – Catherine Howard. How I am supposed to know this stuff? Catherine Howard sounds like a friend of my moms. – Even though I was frustrated, I kept playing. I had hope that I could win this game, and I played every chance I got.

Only problem was that I kept losing. gentle music Over, and over again. gentle music But then, I got an idea. – Im just gonna go around the office, see who knows HQ best, and see if they wanna join my HQ team. Do you know HQ? – Headquarters? – No, not headquarters, the game HQ. – No, Im actually not familiar with it. – Do you know what HQ is? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Yeah? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. laughs – Im trying to make a team. So, that we can win every single time. – Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure.

Thats a fantastic idea. – So, do you guys like split the five dollar earnings if you win? – How well thought out is this team? – Not at all. Which of these cities was never a capital of the Persian empire? Oh, I cant pronounce any of these. all laugh Nineveh, Baghdad, Pasar-ga-driah.

Okay, skip this question, cause I cant pronounce it. Which TV show was rebooted as a sequel, but with new actors as the same characters? MacGyver laughing. Which of these snacks was founded in Finland dating back to around 6, 000 B.C?

Potato chips, chewing gum, cheese sticks. – grunting Cheese sticks. – Dave my man. – Did I get it? – No. – Wait a second, youre not Scott, get outta here. – Actress Emma Watson studied at which University? Harvard, Brown, or Cambridge? – Brown. – You are correct. Sarah, you know what?

Four for four, thats good enough, I think youve made the team. – Those were just, oh, I want more questions. – We have more questions, I feel like youre not doing this very well. – No, but I just, Im sick of trying to find this team, so Im just gonna accept four. – So its just gonna be you and Sarah? – No, no, no, I mean so far yes. – Thats not a team. – My cameraman was right. I had to step up my game, I had to talk to everyone in the office and form the ultimate HQ team. intense music Thats what I did. We were confident.

Yeah we were, we were a little too conf– We were really confident. upbeat funky music – How many US state names are only four letters long? – Thats such a hard question, if we all get out on two right now. all laughing – Iowa, Iowa… – Clearly its three, we cant be that bad. all laughing all cheering – Its between two and three. – Yes, yes, no, its the oboe. – Woo – Not gonna toot my oboe. – Oh, snap, snap, snap. – We were doing so well, I thought we were all gonna win, until this one question. – What, whats a glabella? – Im gonna say Phelps, I dont know what that means. – Dammit. all yelling – Everyones out. – Oh, Im in! all cheering – We made it to the final round. all cheering intense music – Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper. – Thats such an easy question. – It was an easy question. And so we won. all cheering But I wasnt satisfied, because I wasnt the one who won, and thats what I set out to do in this article. So there was more work to be done. – So Im gonna talk to some of the best HQ players, and see what advice they have. – Hi, Im Jamie Ortiz. Im the HQ trivia winner for $6, 000.00. – What? Wait, I didnt know that, are you the top winner? – Theres another guy named Casey Donahue. – Im Casey Donahue, Im one of the all time winners on HQ trivia. – Hey Im Zach Kornfeld, I work at Buzzfeed.

Im one of the Try Guys, and Im also an Hqtie. What you might not know about me, is that Im a four time HQ champion. – Ive been playing HQ for like two weeks now and I have had no luck, do you have any advice? How do I win this game? – Im not gonna lie and pretend that I have won all by myself. Youre playing with your friends, you only have three seconds to Google.

But can you Google something that points you in the right direction. – Definitely go with your gut. – The night I won, I played a little more loose, wasnt overthinking it, and I think you are in the right mindset to win the game. – Honestly from the richest HQ player, coming from you, I think Im gonna win now. game show music – I was so nervous while playing the game that I actually forgot to talk. I just wanted to focus on the questions and the answers. And thats what I did, and I answered a lot right, so many actually, that I made it to the 12th question.

It was the most stressful moment in my life. This meant so much to me, I mean not really but it did, sort of. – He does not mention Grand Master Flash and that is your answer baby. – Oh my God! Oh my God, there is no one in the office for me to share this with. $34.00, I won. upbeat playful music Im an HQ master, Mom. – What? – I won HQ. – No way, youre lying. – Its that unbelievable, for me to win HQ? – Yes. – Anyway, lesson learned, Google helps a lot. Having a group of people, like you know 20 people texting what they think the answer is really helps.

But sometimes you have to trust yourself and not trust them. The games fun, Eric approved, I love it. fun upbeat music.

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