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24 HOUR Eating As My Sim Challenge

24 HOUR Eating As My Sim Challenge Cheese eyeballs! Bobby: But why? Its ok girl, being tHICC is fine Awe yeeahh Bobby: Theres no medicine in here? Shake of the head Hey guys and welcome to Laurens Sim Kitchen!

Oh my goodness Oh such kitchen much Wow So I had so much fun filming that Sims 24 hour challenge however You may remember in that article that the only thing my sim wanted to eat for the day was microwaved chocolate cake. And I was pretty bummed about it because this Sims has some really cool stuff to eat And my sim didnt eat ANY of it, so I didnt get to try ANY of it. Until today.

Today, I am gonna be doing the eat like a sim for 24 hours challenge where I went ahead and chose the most interesting dishes from the sims 4 and Im gonna try to Recreate them in real life and to make this article a little bit funnier and better I didnt tell Bobby I was doing this today. So Im just gonna film his reaction as I give him each of the dishes Because theres some really weird ones and overly ambitious ones, but lets get started because Im starving! So first up for breakfast, Im really excited about this one. Were gonna be making gummy bear pancakes, which was the only interesting breakfast I could find in the sim store and I got some organic Gummy bears because we spared no expense here at Laurens Sims Kitchen, and I also got this quick cuz although we spared no expense Were also lazy AF.

I cant do that water to this. Lets go Do not eat raw pancake batter. Dont tell me what to do. Oh, whoops I have to add water to this container and then shake it this makes 15 pancakes I guess were gonna have a lot of cake. I need a bigger bowl.

Nevermind. I dont need a bowl at all Alright mixing in the water Tightly closed lid. Oh did I break it?

I made it too tight turn the bottle upside down and tap lid but take this Shake container hard for 30 seconds So afraid this is gonna explode Alright, I think Im good slowly loosen lid after shaking. Oh thats good. Alright time to make Now you may be wondering Lauren, why did you put a pancake on one side of the pan Well, I thought I could fit two pancakes, but then I realize theyd be really tiny pancakes So yeah, this is happening And when I flip it, Ill just try to put it in the center and also yes, I do have a guitar-shaped Spatula so were gonna wait for it to start bubbling a little bit more and then were gonna put some of these gummy bears on top and then were gonna put even more pancake mix on top because if we flip this with the gummy bears Its gonna create like a sticky sugary mess Gummy bear kill me be.

Oh, theres only three colors This is the biggest pancake and I dont know if its gonna cook all the way through It looks good on the outside I am really sad though that I dont see the gummy bear through the pancake probably cuz its so thick Its okay girl being thick is fine. Oh, yeah Okay, you could kind of see the gummy bears on this side starting to goop out the side here no idea if thats gonna be Good, but I do want this little pancake piece. Mmm delicious actually, right? Lets plate this and see If the inside is cooked, all right, I just gotta say look at the skill.

The inside is cooked perfectly Alright now we gotta make a bunch more Oh My god, how am I supposed to flip this? The gummies are Definitely gonna be start to the pan. I need to make them smaller because I forget I keep forgetting I need to pour more on top. This is the most appealing looking pancake Ive ever seen about a knife Let me tell you get that sugar sugar cowboy gunk in there. Yeah, the third biggie I have a tiny bit left in here to cover the gummy bears with 15 pancakes my butt maybe 15 Basic pancakes for basic people.

I also may or may not be eating most of the gummy bears This one probably looks the prettiest These actually look Really good. Looks like theres jelly in them. Im super excited to try these and to see what Bobby dont forget He has no idea that Im making this article and why Im making weird foods Bobby.

Im a breakfast. Come here. I mean pancakes What uh, you know Know so, you know how I would we wanted to make more articles for the second channel? Yeah one channel I just I figured if we up the production value more people would go subscribe subscribe to the blog Channel But yeah, I need pickings. I wanted to show what a good wife.

I was whats good? Yeah, but they have a surprising You should just should try it. Dont be scared.

Do you want some cereal those mysterious? I mean you may notice some of this stuff leaking out lets see if you guess what it is looks like fruit you put like I mean Its not far off of youre eating strawberries in there. That would be good. I havent found anything yet. Yeah, see that Oh Sweet is it good.

I havent tried it yet. Um, I mean, its really sweet heart. Um, Okay, its a fruit.

What is it? I mean its kind of fruit. Oh, oh, heres like medicine medicine there Youve been drugged what am I new shot? Youve been drugged? No, its gummy bears.

I felt silly today. I wanted to be like put something funny in the was it not good? This is not a good decision. Its not terrible. Oh No, I did huh?

Yeah, Ive melted into the tub. Yeah. Oh no Bigger was a green apple OneNote.

If not good. Heres a red one. Try the red one Im scared get a little more pancake with that. It looks like jelly. Yeah, so I thought it was fruit Tastes like medicine.

Its like medicine. Im gonna make some eggs. I mean I tried Yeah, youre trying. Hey for trying but IV made something else heat.

I tried to eat around the gummies Its Im not even trying to be funny. Its so gross. I thought it would be delicious It was not well I guess Ill definitely be ready for lunch in a little bit cuz I barely ate And Im only supposed to eat Sims food for 24 hours. So I gotta wait All right Its lunchtime and Im excited about lunch because I think its one of the only things that Im making today that I cant completely screw up The taco casserole So I found a recipe for a taco casserole Online that Im gonna try mimic and then make it look like The Sims one So for this recipe, we needed a pound of ground beef, but because I dont eat red meat were using a pound of ground turkey Alright so the meat is cooked and now we have to throw everything in and Im gonna do it like Sims style Its gonna splatter everywhere.

Usually Sims like dump it from the sky dont like Its gonna pretend like I did that okay, theres some salsa all the makings of attacking some refried beans Oh getting a ie Delicious now we add in some taco seasoning suicune This actually looks really good, I think its done Youre supposed to use one big casserole dish, but I forgot to get one instead. We have these little uh You know, they kind of look like those two goat containers you get at restaurants but dont work and plus we dont have to clean the casserole dish now because again Were lazy a half here at Lorens sim kitchen the next step. We take chips brush up And we line the base of the pans with their trucks II like the taco shell.

Okay, I think were good So now spoon this mixture into these Yes All right So now we have to do some chopping which I was hoping I would get to do because in the sims they love to chop I Hate olives and I was hoping to maybe not put them on this but its really Prominent in the photo of this food from The Sims. So I got a do it. We just wont put that many Put olives up tacos. Why does this even include it? Alright, these are going in and we wait.

All right It looks pretty much exactly like The Sims type of casserole Olives and all but theres one thing that needs to be added that gives it that Sims Look the three dollops of sour cream on the top. Lets do three each. I cant tell you how good this smells Thats a perfect mimic of the Sims taco casserole and I actually have a feeling that its going to taste delicious I did say that the gummy pair of pancakes look delicious too, and they were not we need our official taste tester Let me go get them buddy. Look what I need Doesnt it look good? Yeah, it looks really good.

Are you like trying to make Pinterest meals or something? Yes I am trying to make Pinterest feels Good, so they were surprised like last time. Nope. This is taco casserole I mean, the only thing I didnt like about it was the olives but I decided to give it a shot Do you like olives?

Yeah, Im a little weary though after the last medicine. I know I am too, but I think Theres nothing weird Ingredients in this all right, and this one will probably be leftovers Unless you want your own what you think youre gonna polish this off. Did you get some of the bottom layer that bottom layer? Oh my god, its a huge bite there me in here.

Yeah, there is. Yeah, its turkey meat. Yeah. All right.

Sure Theres no medicine in here Very Whoo-hoo what about chips dont like its supposed to be like the taco shell and then the taco meat and blue jeans infinitely Good, cuz Im so hungry because the breakfast was really bad. Yeah, I know it does I mean, I tried to the nude thats thats what today is all about. They like it you get it Does it get the seal of approval ha ha?

Thats really good so can I eat it on there? Yeah, were gonna finish this off camera check it afterwards All right, so its been a little while since lunch and Im getting hungry, but its too early to eat dinner So Im making a snack and of course out of all the sims for snacks I had to make the cheese, eyeballs Which should be pretty easy because I was looking up recipes for cheese eyeballs snacks on the internet and theres some really really Intricate ones, but the ones on the Sims are like a white cheese ball with like green and then red They look nothing like an eyeball but because this is a Sims challenge Im gonna try and do it exactly like The Sims do I babaks playing destiny? so Im gonna bring it down to him and hes probably gonna be like what the hell it has been so long since Ive had A baby Bell cheese, and I cant wait I was gonna do little mozzarella balls, but I figured itd be really hard to put the stuff on a Perfectly circular ball, so were doing the flat circle All right So Im just gonna make four two and two two for me two for Bobby and then I got this little packet of guacamole Were gonna put it right on there. And then we just need a little bit of red in the middle I mean these look nothing like actual eyeballs, but they look exactly like the sim version which is a win in my book all right Sims for Eyeballs. I know they looked nothing like eyeballs, but this is pretty much what the Sims ones look like.

Perfect This may be one of the best things to give Bobby actually because theres no reason somebody should be making Cheese eyeballs in the middle of May Yes, or no. These arent for you Bobby. I may hit you snag What is it? Theyre cheese, eyeballs But why?

Because I I dont know they sounded good to a number for you and to her for me I Mean I think itll taste good. Oh good Dont ask questions. Just eat my food. Mmm Triple play.

All right, so dinner is up next I know Im not having cake for dinner but for dinner Im doing dinner and a desert and the desert is probably the most ambitious Meal out of all of these because Im gonna be attempting to make the hamburger cake now keep in mind Ive never really made a cake on my own ever this beautiful mixer that I have I got as a wedding gift Ive never used it. Its been almost two years Its gonna be the first time so Im gonna start making the hamburger cake because I think its gonna take a while probably finish it Then do the dinner and then were going to serve both at the same time So one thing I know that youre supposed to use Fondant for a lot of the inside stuff of this cake like the cheese and the lettuce, but I couldnt find any fondant So were gonna make everything out of icing and its probably gonna be terrible I also wasnt sure how much cake mix to get so I just got a ton and a lot of pans That are brand new. Like I said, Ive never made a cake ever. So this should be interesting That one is to make all the cake All right, now we have to do this like two or three more times This cake is gonna be giant head its just for two people.

All right, so I made a total of four cakes Its gonna be a four tiered cake. We got three of the white cake for the buns and one chocolate for the burger patty Yeah, thats Luckys cook It beeped. Oh, oh, its so high. Oh, theyre so high. Okay, I need to take these out Ive got so puffy.

It puffed up so much. The middles are sinking in is it cooked? This is gonna be interesting. Oh, I dont think its cooked all the way. I told you.

I dont bake No, our toothpick is so Im gonna use a straw. Oh Okay, its really Soupy I got to put them back in you guys would go back in Alright, so I put them back in for maybe like ten more minutes and now theyre good I checked them and they are good But now I patiently need to wait till they cool down because Id learned from baking TV shows You should never ice the cakes when they are hot because itll become like this malted mess So lets wait a little bit the cakes have cooled Dont know if it cold enough for me. I use that but I can definitely assemble them again Just want to reiterate.

Ive never made a cake before layer. Number one. Got it. Im watching my cooking shows I know youre supposed to put icing in between so that theyll stick together and stack. I really have hopes about this game I feel like I shouldnt I do want a layer Chocolate icing so were gonna put that on the bottom.

I think cuz you cant really see it. Anyway, Eric yeah, this cake is literally gonna be Enormous, like Im not even gonna know where to store this thing Who am I kidding? Im gonna eat all this today All right.

Heres the burger patty. Oh, yeah Yeah Oh Its cake. Its gonna be so high.

Theres the top, but I dont think we need the top bun It looks like a hamburger. Well, I need to put a icing down first may have made one too many cakes Actually, lets put the cheese on the cheese So on the Sims burger, it looks like theres just like cheese lettuce and pickles I bought red icing because to get have some tomatoes on it neon yellow icing for the American cheese Which is supposed to be fondant, but its just melty tea. Hes Sly its all goopy and doesnt have any shape kind of just have some you know, hanging off the side Rosanna Pizarros got nothing on me. Look at this.

So this is cookie icing. Uh, Im assuming its the same Theres the green its gonna be peeking out should we do the rent I have it we should do it Lets just do like a little round tomato here. Oh my god. It looks like ketchup little round tomato here Its dripping everywhere Oh, yeah Turned out a lot better than I thought it was gonna to be totally on it Alright now I think we can put the top on. Oh Yeah It looks like a burger so I bought all this buttercream frosting to put on the bun But now Im thinking that may not be an option Oh, we could use this as a sesame seeds instead of I got little candies, but maybe this will work better to go Theres a cess of me.

Thats the me seed Sesame seed I might give up YouTube after this and just become a cake decorator. I clearly have a gift I thought I was gonna have to ice the whole outside of the cake which Im pretty sure youre supposed to do when you make a cake, but yeah not here at a Lorenson kitchen, what am I gonna do those icing? Im gonna end up eating it all definitely looks like sesame seeds This may be the greatest thing Ive ever if I didnt know any better, I think that that was a professional cake I Did my best guys I guarantee itll taste delicious It might be very icing icing II, but itll make up for the fact that theres no icing on the outside.

Yay burger cake My dreams came true Right now I think we got to move on to dinner finally so that we can eat this afterwards Hey, finally, weve come to the last meal dinner and for dinner Were gonna be having the angry flaming spaghetti from The Sims 4 Which the image of it is literally on fire? So at first I googled how to set fire to food Safely and pretty much youre supposed to use alcohol and then set that on fire I know how to do that with this. Dish.

Also. I have a feeling that it may burn the house down So instead were gonna go with what I think it means in the sims is that its a super super super spicy spaghetti This is not gonna be fun for me because I hate spicy things But Im gonna do my best to make this as spicy as possible and thus probably giving you guys something Entertaining to watch when I try it. So we got our spaghetti.

We have our Abbey Otte I have definitely butchering that which is pretty much like a pasta sauce thats made with hot peppers great But because its called angry flaming spaghetti I also found these at the grocery store which are flaming hot cheetos But I had the word flaming in it, and I thought maybe this would be like a unique touch to it So Im gonna make the pasta which is pretty boring and then Ill come back after the pastas made All right, the noodles are ready you can see the steam nice and fresh now were gonna do the spicy sauce Doesnt smell that spicy good thing. We got some flamin hot cheetos to throw in here You know you think this is this would be gross but I think its gonna be good Its kind of like a kind of like a garnish or like bread crumbs Honestly, Bobbys probably gonna love this because he likes spicy stuff. This probably wont even faze him. Meanwhile, itll probably incinerate my mouth there We go and there you have it angry flaming spaghetti Alright, I gotta bring the hamburger cake back over here and I told Bobby to come. Oh but of course first decide by side comparison with the real one, I mean Obviously, this one looks a lot different the final meals We have the angry flaming hot spaghetti and we have the hamburger cake.

That is my favorite thing ever And now we need Bobby come eat. I have dinner and dessert Burger for dessert, its a Burger King. Could you watch Im glad you could tell it was a burger.

Yeah This looks like an enormous huge burger. Its a cake when I got close. You can tell its a cake.

Oh my god What is this? This is spaghetti with really spicy sauce and then cheeto flamin hot cheetos on top Okay, Im ally you taste test. Both of them trying to come up.

This cake is ginormous How am I supposed to get this? I really dont like I wish I could just pay out with my hands and just my hey, I love you. Dad gonna hold it Put more sauce if you want, its not spicy whos good though. What are these Cheetos?

Theyre flamin hot? Cheetos supposed to make it spicier not spicy Wow Yeah Well, I get it it looks it looks like a burger. This is really good. It looks like a well-done burger Yeah, this is good.

Now. I need to try it. Do you think its gonna be too spicy?

No No, I you can handle spicier. Now. Hows the Cheetos?

Its really good Nikita. Thats like a nice crunch to it Which is what you always want your eating positive Um Thats really spicy to me. I can handle it. Also, the Cheetos are very nice touch actually heels are really good I can taste like the actual cheeto cheeto ness Okay, youre supposed to just be taste testing we can eat it after this looks legit. Looks like cheese good Diet its real good dinner.

Thank you Pinterest. This looks Pinterest, right? Right. Its really good.

This looks like ever to like when you go to get a piece Let me see if I can get so do you get a piece? It looks like gooey cheese and ketchup thats coming out of it. It kind of feels weird to eat it Oh my god, this is good. So I feel like our breakfast was terrible lunch was good I feel like everything was good except for the breakfast and maybe the snack wasnt the best the breakfast like some of the bites were Okay Some of it was all awful. Okay isnt like Its gonna be it for the 24-hour eat like a Sims challenge.

Oh, thats what this is I was concerned. Im like, what are you making all this weird food for? Me did you think I was just trying to like impress the blog? I didnt know really it was just weird I woke up and I saw light I think you just dont question what I do anymore in the house.

No The food got gradually better. What was your favorite – pasta actually the taco thing was really good my favorites the cake Like bread. Yeah, but also cuz it looks amazing and Amazing so that looks the coolest Yeah, as always guys if you made it this far in the article and you want to see me do some more Sims challenges I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve They just take a long time to do but make sure to leave a like before you go Subscribe if youre new to the channel, I put out new articles every single tank.

And as always I will Z Thank you you guys soon. I give you your five dollars for doing that for me

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