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2020 Nvidia Shield TV PRO – 4K Official Android TV Box – The Shocking Truth!

2019 Nvidia Shield TV PRO – 4K Official Android TV Box – The Shocking Truth! Whats up guys Chigz here from Chigz Tech Reviews. Today Ive got my hands on the latest 2019 Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

Thats right people this is the second GEN 2019 model. Well lets jump straight into it… inside the box you will find Quick Start guide, UK power adapter but they also supplied a very convenient European adapter should you need it so weve got the same type of adapter the same connection as weve seen in the previous generations and the newly designed remote control which is quite reminiscent to a chocolate bar which Im quite fond of the remote itself feels very slim now you do have a microphone built-in for your voice search youve actually got motion activated backlit buttons its got bluetooth connectivity and an IR blaster for control of volume and power of your television so yes youll be able to control your TV your sound bars or receivers with this remote now the remote control is actually powered by two double-a batteries and if youre wondering how to open the remote you just slide downwards and there you go and the batteries are already installed ready to use and you actually get good quality Duracell batteries now I was quite surprised to see that no HDMI cable was included in the package and last but certainly not least what Ive been waiting for all year the new Nvidia shield TV and guess what guys it looks exactly the same as the old 2017 model lets just do a side-by-side so on the Left we have the 2017 model and on the right we have the brand spanking new 2019 model you can see that theyre exactly the same design on the top just one looks newer than the other now put the new model on top you can see same ventilations same grooves and curves on the sides and again on the back youve got your vents 2 USB 3 ports each HDMI out a Gigabit LAN and your power socket and on the side there is nothing so you can see we have an identical design to the 2017 model but what is the difference between them well the most significant difference is the new model has the Tegra x1 plus and the old 2017 model has the Tegra x1 so the new model has an upgraded CPU which is supposed to give you 25 faster performance than the previous gen and not only that you also get an upgraded Bluetooth version 5 for better connectivity and that is pretty much it everything else is exactly the same so you have the same three gigs of ram 16 gigs of internal storage dual band Wi-Fi AC with dual antennas you get a Gigabit LAN with 2 USB 3 ports chromecast 4k is built-in and of course support for Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos sound now once we are in the mood of comparing we may as well compare the remote controls as well so here they are side by side 2017 model on the Left 2019 model on the right so you can see a significant difference between the remote controls in the size the feel and the functionality so weve got a much more advanced remote included in the new model which Im definitely looking forward to testing out so without any further ado Im going to get this hooked up to my TV and catch a card and we are indeed going to find out exactly how good the new Tegra x1 plus performs Ill be right back so first of all I run a boot up speed test and this TV box took just over 56 seconds to fully load the home screen from a cold start and here is the home screen for this TV box and this is Googles official licensed Android TV OS version 9 so in the top left corner you have your voice search icons and on the far left you have your settings and your local time thereafter the first row of icons are your favorite apps and you can customize the row to show your favorite apps in the order you want if you click on the apps icon it will take you to your app drawer showing you all the default apps that are available on the system as standard and there are only a few apps to begin with but you do have access the Google Play Store which is the Android TV version so not the full version so limited to Android TV apps only but you can of course side load any Android app you like and it works absolutely fine the next row of icons is a featured section for NVIDIA games showing you what the latest titles you can play there after youve got your featured section for Netflix YouTube Amazon Prime article BBC iPlayer Google Play Movies and so on so forth and finally at the bottom you have your customized channel option where you can rearrange your home screen to suit you and youre watching lifestyle now lets quickly check out the main settings and go straight to device preferences and select system storage info so this box has 16 gigs of internal storage from which you have 11 gigs free to use now if we have a quick looking about you will see that we are running Android TV OS version 9 PI so here is a quick look at some of the new features now the first one is AI upscaling and here are the different options that you can play around with in this section next one is CEC power control giving you a lot more options and also the ability to control your TV with the actual shield remote so onto the tests lets begin with 4k articles from a USB Drive and we are going to do this with the Kodi Media Player now Cody is not installed by default so were going to test out the voice search function and actually find Cody from the Play Store so here we go Im pressing the microphone button and Im going to speak into it search for Cody media player and Im pleased to say it has found the latest version of Cody so Im gonna go ahead and download and install that right now and were gonna begin playing 4k article samples from a USB Drive so first of all we are testing the 4k high bitrate jellyfish demo and this one is 160 megabits per second and playback is smooth as expected I also tested out the 180 megabits per second jellyfish demo and that also played back very nice and smooth and finally the 400 megabits per second file also played backed very smooth so high bitrate 4k files will play absolutely fine on this box so moving on now to the YouTube performance test and you can stream a maximum of 4k at 60 frames per second on YouTube we have 15 minutes Richard were not just black with cops – we pull ourselves over later what am I doing here you begin on a second chance you have an army inside you they call them so that brings us to the Netflix test and this box supports Netflix 4k HDR with Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos support Tom Cruise equivalent of India so that those two things and you can also stream up to 4k on Amazon Prime article so moving on now to the gaming test beginning with bomb squad now along with Android games you also got access to Nvidia games and there is actually a free section so all of these games are actually completely free to play so you dont actually have to download the game youre streaming and playing it directly off of Nvidia server you can also play games from your existing steam library and again the game gets downloaded remotely – Nvidia server and it takes like less than three minutes to download a 50 gigabyte game and the game is then streamed directly to your screen for you to enjoy watching Triple H I think about his rivalry with Lesnar breaking Triple Hs arm twice putting mr. McMahon his father-in-law in the hospital nothing but bad blood that to get the broken bones and injured water WrestleMania 29 to pelagic risked his entire career as a competitor in a no holds barred match one of the best rivalries in our sport so for your advanced users DRM info shows Google Widevine level 1 and here is cpu-z where you can check out the clock speeds and you can see this is running the nvidia tegra theres no sign of a its a quad-core cpu which is clocked at 2.0 one gigahertz furthermore you do have Android version 9 and the Box does not come rooted as standard now in the Wi-Fi speed test weve got download speeds of 65 and upload speeds of 15 megabits per second now here is where things get interesting the Nvidia shield 2019 is advertised as having the Tegra x1 plus CPU which gives apparently a 25 better performance while I did run numerous system information apps including CPU Z dev info and ADA 64 and here is a comparison between the 2019 model versus the 2017 model and over here you can see the CPU information and to my surprise they are exactly the same you have the same clock speeds same associate code name everything to do with the CPU has been detected as being the same specs now if we have a look at the system information page the only difference I can see is the 2019 model is called M Darcy and the 2017 model is called just Darcy even both state Bluetooth for plus now the 2017 model has Bluetooth 4.1 and the new 2019 model has supposedly Bluetooth version 5 then why does both systems show exactly the same information so that brings us to our benchmarks beginning with a Geekbench multi score of 4 2 4 3 and in the antutu benchmark test we achieved 238 K and to confirm my suspicions I also ran the ante to test on the 2017 model and here are the results side-by-side so what does this mean while both devices perform more or less the same according to both Geekbench and antutu scores the performance of the new 2019 model is basically one percent better than the 2017 model and in real time usage you would just not see the difference furthermore if the 2019 model truly was 25 faster as they claim then we should expect at least an aunty to score of 50k more on the 2019 model and this is clearly not the case so that brings us to the top Android TV box chart of 2019 showing you the latest TV boxes and seeing how they compare with each other and as you can see the 2019 Nvidia shield TV Pro has taken position 1 on this chart with a rating of 10 out of 10 now you can view the full versions of all my charts online at chicks tech comm and read them at your leisure so there you have it guys that was the new 2019 Nvidia shield TV pro so here are my thoughts on this TV box this is a great all-around Android TV box performance is fast just like the previous generation although I cant say its any faster AI image upscaling will upscale a lower resolution article and make it look like 4k and it does do a pretty good job of it I also love the new remote control is very responsive and having those extra buttons feels like a reward from Nvidia now all the other features are the same as last years model you have chromecast 4k ge force now game stream superb 4k article playback from YouTube Netflix Amazon Prime article Disney Plus Google Play article and the list goes on this also supports 4k gaming Dolby vision and Atmos is supported on Netflix Amazon Prime and Disney Plus gaming is absolutely amazing with access to hundreds of triple-a titles including a free game streaming section which I demonstrated earlier on and you can also play your existing Steam library now there is no doubt Nvidia shield TV Pro is still the best TV box money can buy but I have a few questions that need answering while looking at the specs in numerous system information apps and I was comparing both generations you have exactly the same specs all benchmark tests including antutu and Geekbench gave very similar results real-time usage was also exactly the same so why is NVIDIA stating a 25 better performance the more important question why call it a Tegra x1 plus processor when every single app are used shows exactly the same CPU same clock speed same SOC name as the 2017 model too many things dont add up here and Im even questioning whether this is really bluetooth version 5 to me it looks like NVIDIA has packaged up the existing 2017 model added a few make-believe features and gave it a new remote control to sell this as a new product they have also taken away the game controller and the HDMI cable giving us less overall value for our money bottom line this is without any doubt still the best Android TV box in the world this is fully licensed by Google so everything works as it should you have flawless 4k playback in nearly every option possible furthermore if youve never owned an Nvidia shield TV then I suggest you pick one up right away as youre certainly missing out on the best TV box experience possible now if you already have the existing Nvidia shield TV then definitely dont buy this new one thinking you will get an upgrade as it is exactly the same product as the previous generation same performance and all but of course you get the new remote control and no game controller or HDMI cable included also I highly recommend you pick up the 2017 version while you still can its priced only 179 and it comes with a remote and game controller and HDMI cable and in the near future you should be able to buy the new remote control when it becomes available separately and with that being said I will leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out let me know what you guys think of the new model are you surprised at what Nvidia have done with the Tegra plus processor do you feel slightly cheated if youve already bought this box let me know in the comments below what your findings are if you have picked this box up meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day I see you guys in the next one

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